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2 Awesome Trick You Don’t Know That Your Notepad Can Do

Hey Reader, I am writing this article because to know the importance of notepad and it uses and how we can kill our time with the help of notepad. As we all know that every system has a basic text editor the common basic text editor is notepad. we would be amazed to see the capabilities of notepad one of the trick is You Don’t Know That Your Notepad Can Do So, Let’s get started with today’s post

2 Awesome Trick You Don’t Know That Your Notepad Can Do

Awesome Trick You Don't know Your Notepad Can Do
Awesome Trick You Don’t know Your Notepad Can Do

• How we can make our computer talk according to your given order to know this just follow my instruction
• First of all, open notepad in your system
• I would give a code you can write in notepad or you can use ctrl+c (copy) ctrl+v(paste) in your notepad
• Copy the Code
Dim Message, Speak
Message=InputBox(“Enter text”,”Speak”)
Set Speak=CreateObject(“sapi.spvoice”)
Speak.Speak Message

• After writing this code, you need to save the click on file menu click on “save as” to save the file.
• Note while saving the file it should be saved with an extension “.vbs”. I ask you to prefer to save the file with “speak.vbs” and it is mandatory.
• Click twice on the file which you saved
• Saved file Icon Looks like the below image

Saved VBS File ICon

    Saved VBS File Icon

• Open the file

• Now your computer will speak whatever you would type in the textbox.

One more use and short and sweet trick of the notepad is
Whenever we will open notepad it will display the current time and date.

In order to know this follow my steps
• First open the notepad in your system
• After opening the notepad just type.LOG and save the file as .log extension
• Click on the file you saved…
• You can see the-the current time and date

I hope this would help you..and If you have any doubts regarding this you can ask me via comments.
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