Interview With Ankit Srivastava Generated 40-45 Lakhs In The Span Of Two Years (A Young Entreprenuer)

Hello Everyone !!! For the first time I interviewed a very Young Entreprenuer named Ankit Srivastava from Lucknow. I surprised by his story and got featured on popular blogs and web portals. Ankit Developed An Android Music Player App on his own and Generated around 40-45 Lakhs in the span of two years. This things inspired me a lot and finally, Interviewed Ankit. Read this interesting story.



Interview With Ankit Srivastava ( A Young Entreprenuer) Generated 40-45 Lakhs In the Span of  Two Years

Mohan : Hi Ankit, First of all, please introduce yourself and how you get into Android App Development?
Ankit    : I was born and brought up in Lucknow. My dad is a civil engineer and my mom is a housewife. My parents say ever since I was born I was always seeking out different ways of making money. Once I even planted coins in the lawn, expecting a “money” tree to grow from it. It never did.Now I am 23, and I graduated last year with a degree in Computer Science. I like traveling and I am into supercars.

Mohan : Please share moments that you feel are the best and worst moment you had so far in your Internet journey? And was there a time when feel you should give up While Developing your Android App?
Ankit    : I think the best moment is yet to come, I mean sure I tell to people about how much money I make because it seems attractive to others but I am not yet satisfied, I want to be making 1 million dollars a year,when I reach there I would want them each month. It’s an ongoing process.

Similarly, I don’t have any worst moments yet but experimenting with the monetization source can be frustrating because many times the revenue drops while experimenting.
Mohan : What motivated you to develop An Android App ?

Ankit    : I was in college when I started making the app. I was doing nothing with my life and I was somewhat depressed and bored as well. I had nothing to do and my grades were low as well. Doing a job isn’t my thing and I had made up my mind that whatever I do, the job won’t be one of the things I do. I don’t like the idea of my life being dictated or controlled by others. I wanted to travel, I wanted to be financially free which led me to develop an app one day.

Mohan  : Ankit you were working from home right ? How were you able to keep the productivity and motivation towards work for several hours every day during all these years? Do you use to maintain a checklist of tasks on day to day basis?

Ankit     : I was working from college and while I was in development phase I used to maintain a checklist, they are very helpful. Although I never completed tasks on time but I used to try, and by the end of the month I used to be satisfied by the progress.

Mohan  : What is your approach towards App Development ? Which things you keep in mind while making a decision about developing apps ? According to you, what is the future of Android App Development?

Ankit     : Development is not actually my interest, I did what I had to do to earn money, I want to be on the marketing side of this industry.

Mohan  : Do you see any difference in your approach towards Android App Development field today compared to what it was 2 years back?

Ankit     : I don’t see much difference except for the fact that there are many updates from google recently which keeps the task very hectic. It is one of the reasons I want to get out of development.

Mohan  : What kind of changes are you expecting in the Android App Development industry in the next 5 years?

Ankit     : Wondering about changes isn’t what I think about, but what I do think about is where I am spending my time. For e.g I am spending my time on the music player and music on the phone is going to stay. It might change from local files to streaming but the music won’t go away from phones and that’s where I am focusing on.

Mohan  : What kind of activities did you use to do for the promotion and branding of Your App on major social media networks?

Ankit     : I did a lot of things and frankly, it won’t be fair to sum it up in a few lines. it needs an article on itself, that’s I wrote an article on my website ,www.iamankitsrivastava.com but just to give you a brief, I posted on facebook, groups, forums I emailed YouTubers to make a review video and I contacted websites to write an article.

Mohan : What kind of techiques used by you for making money with the APP?

Ankit    : I am generating most of money from ads 90% of it

Mohan : How much revenue generated by the app from the last two years? Can you share the screenshot ?
Ankit    : Last year I generated 30 lakh rupees and before that 10-15 lakh rupees.
Earning From Google AdMob
Earning From Other AD Network

Mohan : Who is your inspiration ? And Will you follow any people in social media ? If yes, Mention the names of the person.

Ankit    :  I take motivation from whom I want to be rather than having inspiration figures. I do admire many people but they are not sources of motivation for me. No, I don’t follow people on social media.

Mohan : Thank you Ankit for the Interview. How TricksTrend.COM readers can stay in touch with you and any message for the people ?

Ankit    : Well you guys can contact me via my website www.IamAnkitSrivastava.com or my facebook page

Facebook        : Ankit Srivastava

Android App : Click on the name For Download

[appbox googleplay id=bitsie.playmee.musicplayer.free ]

I hope you enjoyed this session. Thank you

Deepak Kumar

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn now.

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