Save in Web Hosting Using a HostGator Coupon

Get a HostGator coupon and save a lot of money for your web hosting. HostGator is a web hosting company that was established last 2002. This growing business is currently based in Texas and was recognized in 2008 as one of the fastest growing private businesses in America by Inc. Magazine. This web hosting company humbly started in the dorm room of its current Chairman, Brent Oxley and is now standing in a 20,000 square foot office building in Houston, Texas, making it the state’s fastest growing private company.

HostGator is offering shared, Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting. Their services are offered to all kinds of individuals. If you are a web designer who wants to establish a reputable website, you will benefit from a HostGator coupon, as this will help you get a website from a very affordable price. HostGator coupons are also available for developers who want to provide their clients a hosting service. Your clients will love you if you offer them a website that is completely cheaper than what they expected all because of a HostGator promo code. Even before these promos, HostGator already prides itself in providing reliable shared, reseller and trusted hosting services to their varied clients in a cheap price that it is almost free! It is definitely hard to make a website with this kind of combo: cheap and powerful at the same time.

HostGator discounts are available to any client who can provide a HostGator promo code that will be provided in this article. What is even more wonderful is you are going to learn how to use these HostGator coupons as well.

Using a HostGator Coupon

Coupon Code : ###

Description: 25% OFF First Three Years

This coupon code will allow you to use HostGator services for three years with a 25 percent discount off your bill! That is three long years of great web hosting at its cheapest.

Coupon Code : ###

Description: $0.01 First Month Hosting

This promo code will entitle you of a web hosting for only $0.01 during your first month! Does it sound like it is almost free? It does!

Coupon Code : ###

Description: $24.94 OFF Reseller Hosting

If you are a designer and are planning to resell websites for your clients, you will surely love this promo code!

Just go to HostGator’s hosting plans and choose the package that suits your needs. Click “order now” and continue by providing the needed information in the form. At the bottom of the page, you will see a box where you can enter your promo code. Type the promo code that you have selected among the three mentioned above, confirm everything and voila!

What is even great is that each time you buy a base web hosting plan, you will also get an unlimited memory space and this unlimited offer is even applicable to your transfer bandwidth. Who would not love free and unlimited offers in life? HostGator guarantees 99 percent uptime preventing any troublesome downtime. HostGator discounts are lifesavers in terms of web hosting.

HostGator review

Today’s post features HostGator review so that you’ll have a better overview about it if you’re choosing a web hosting service or transferring from a current hosting solutions online. HostGator was established back in 2002 and since then become one of the world leaders when it comes to web hosting services.

It’s a company headquartered in Houston, Texas and is a topnotch service providers to more than 200 countries worldwide. It comes with more than 850 employees. They offer a variety of services to choose from which include Reseller, Shared, Dedicated, and VPS hosting solutions. They cater amateurs and professionals alike. All of their web hosting packages offer 24/7 customer support, 45-day money back guarantee and 99.9% uptime guarantee.

HostGator’s Guarantees

This company provides several guarantees to ensure customer satisfaction. For a managed shared hosting plan, you can get one month credit if you encounter above 0.1% of downtime hosted on this plan . However, the guarantee of credit will be based from the discretion of the HostGator. Take note that this HostGator review wants to highlight that maintenance time isn’t counted as downtime. If in any case your website isn’t working, it doesn’t imply downtime.

The guarantee is met provided that you’re able to upload or deliver your content. It’s your sole responsibility to ensure that your content is functioning. The uptime guarantee only applies to reseller and affordable shared web hosting.

Dedicated Hosting Package’s Network Guarantee

Take note that this isn’t related to any of the website’s uptime guarantee. All dedicated servers are part of the network guarantee wherein the credit is only prorated based on the downtime of the server. Remember that this HostGator review also wants to highlight that maintenance times aren’t counted as downtime. Remember that as long as your network is available, the guarantee is met. Make sure you use current root password and correct email address to avoid forced password resets that cause downtimes.

HostGator hosting reviews would like to inform you that HostGator has the right to audit your servers when administrative actions are needed by the company’s datacenter.

Connection Speed and VPS Guarantees

HostGator gives a guaranteed connection of 20mbit. The company is traffic shaping every container. If your server encounters an outage which doesn’t include regular maintenance, HostGator can offer you prorated credit for the downtime amount.

45-Day Money Back Guarantee

In this HostGator review, take note that you’re given a 45-day money back guarantee for all VPS, reseller, or shared hosting solution services.

With all these guarantees offered by this web hosting service provider, there’s no doubt that a lot of website owners can benefit greatly. If you’re looking for a reliable website hosting services, the products and guarantees offered by HostGator seems to be the most promising option. Even if you’re an amateur or professional, there’s no doubt that HostGator may offer you the some of the best web hosting packages no other could do. If you want a reliable web hosting service provider, HostGator may look like what you’re looking for. Check out their website for more of HostGator review information.

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