5 Latest Tech Gadgets – Technology You Would Love To Possess

When it comes to tech gadgets, sport camera glasses are one of the most recent ones that swept the tech world. For example, Sports camera glasses record and capture everything you see as if you are looking through a recording device.


If you are looking to purchase the latest gadgets in today’s technology industry, tons of new products come out with better features each year. The good news is that consumers will be able to make an easy upgrade or at least get a substantial rebate when buying electronic devices, either way, you can have the most advanced shiniest gadget around.

GPS Tracking Bracelet

The market is holding out for its launch. It is expected to be introduced in the market before December 2014. Wireless Car Key finder or GPS tracking bracelet uses Bluetooth technology that helps you track your car key through your smartphone. If you happen to lose it somewhere around the house, this device will help you locate it since the keys emit a silent alarm when they are apart by about 30 feet. The bracelet further has an SOS button that instantly alerts people closest to your location through calls and texts if pressed three times consecutively. You can also create virtual boundaries using this bracelet. Pressing any key sends alerts to another device connected with you via Bluetooth Smart Technology, even if they are outside these boundaries.

Tamagotchi Connection Version 4 In 1 Mobile Phone

This ” pocket pet” is a kind of digital toy that works around the concept that if you take good care of your virtual pet, it will grow into a full-blown character. The device has the TamaMote technology allowing communication between different versions of Tamagochi. The device comes with three games that you can play on its touch-sensitive screen. This game will amuse you while running in the background, even when making or receiving calls or sending SMSs to other characters through your phone’s messaging system

3D Pen

This device allows you to draw in the air using plastic filaments heated up by this pen and then cooled quickly to form any 3D shape you like. You can give it any of your favorite colors, making them more interesting shapes if preferred. The device is very safe since it only heats enough filament to allow its users to mold it without getting charred or burnt by the higher temperatures required for melting plastics (which has also made renowned artists like Brian Korte use this idea).

Smartphone Projector for iPhone or Android

This device turns your smartphone into a projector, allowing you to watch movies and presentations easily. You can also play games from your phone using this projector as the medium. All you have to do is connect your cellphone via an HDMI cable along with a power source through USB, and there you go – everything needed for projecting a photo or video onto a wall or any flat surface in the room. You don’t need to rely on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity since the smart device itself provides all of that. Another drawback of this product is that it does not work well when there are too many obstructions between your TV screen, but if you plan to use it for a presentation in a conference room, that won’t be a problem.

3D Printing Pen

This pen is a little similar to the 3D printing pen, but what it does is more than just drawing in thin air – you can draw with plastic on any surface! The only requirement is that the surface should be flat and smooth enough so that your drawings come out smoothly without air bubbles or similar disruptions. If you find an inclined metallic sheet while wandering outside your house, go ahead and try out this new way of artistry right on its shiny surface using this device. It primarily works like regular pens with minor differences, giving it so many capabilities. Like the 3D printing pen, this one also requires a USB power source with a speed of 5V along with voltage and current of 2A.

Hoverboard or E-Board

It is a kind of board which can be used for moving around horizontally without resorting to any transportation – you have to balance on it while standing on its two footpads and go ahead towards your destination, all the time while controlling the speed at which it moves by shifting your body weight from one footpad to another. This device uses advanced gyro-sensors that sense your movement since these sensors are built into every Hoverboard product. It also has been found that Hoverboards can help tone your muscles while you ride them because all of your body’s weight is directed downwards towards the ground.

Wrapping Up!

These are some of the latest tech gadgets you would love to possess. Not only because they look cool, but for various other reasons. If you find these ideas intriguing, give them a try and see how much fun you can have with them!

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