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Most Popular Instant Messenger Apps For 2016-2017

Most Popular Instant Messenger Apps

Hii It’s been long time to see you again here. Currently I’m doing a lot of experiments on cryptocurrency to make money in a faster way. Now coming to the actual point. Do you know ? There are many apps which are similar to Facebook Messenger. Now, I just collected some information to share Instant Messenger …

Tips To Save Battery Life in Android- Simple and Powerful Tips

Want to make your battery long lasting. Is your android device boiling your blood with the small battery life. If yes, this article is for you. Here at trickstrend, this is my first article. Hope these tips will help you to save android battery life. Android is the best mobile platform which is getting more developed. …

Limit Kids To Access SmartPhone Applications

Today I’m going to tell you about “How To Limit Kids To Access Your SmartPhone Applications”. Many of us people use Android Smartphones Even Every person will love android smartphones. Now a days kids were very fast and they will make fun with the phones and they will access our personal data right!!!

Top 5 Best Android Apps Now Schedule SMS For Wishes And Greetings

Hey, Welcome to This is the first post of this site. Today I’m here tell you that Many of the Android Mobiles Doesn’t support all the apps. Previously I have written the article on “Scheduling SMS” by using the below apps. Now, I will give you the list of “Top 5 Best Android Apps …