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Technology: A Boon Or A Curse

Technology A Boon Or A Curse

Technology is the new trend. Technically speaking, technology is not new. Since the invention of fire, man also felt the warmth of technology. And today, it has flourished all across the world. Technology has reached each and every corner of the world. It has made possible those things that we used to dream of a …

Why Register Multiple Domain Extensions For Your Website?

Register Multiple Domain Extensions

A Domain name is basically the identification, which defines a realm of the administrative autonomy, control or authority within the internet. The Domain Names are formed by the rules and procedures of the Domain Name System (DNS). In this Article, we will talk about why Register Multiple Domain Extensions for your Website. The motive of …

History of 3D Glasses

History of 3D Glasses

When we think about the magical 3D glasses, the first thing that comes into our mind is that there must be something complex methodology operating behind the scenes. Well, that is all part of the technical stuff. We are not here to describe the logic behind how 3D glasses work. In fact, we are here …