Adoption Of Advanced Solutions And Services Accelerating The Growth Of The Global IoT In Utility Market

IoT (Internet of Things) is believed to be the latest industrial revolution, “Industry 4.0.” The idea of IoT is to develop modern solutions and services, solve critical problems, improve efficiency & productivity, and enhance real-time decisions. Today, IoT is altering industry business representation, and the utility industry is spending in IoT technology to change its operations and improve user experience. In the current situation, the utility industry is mainly governed by administrative policies and the requirement to abide by regulations. It is also mainly driven by apprehensions regarding cost savings. Thus, IoT aids the utility industry to address challenges and adopt advanced solutions and services.

The IoT linked utilities monitor support through real-time conformity and regulations on feeding power into the network to optimize remote monitoring & control so as to facilitate preventive maintenance. Furthermore, IoT advances digital transformation across utilities. IoT technology aids the utility industry to change from a centralized process to a decentralized one and to distantly monitor energy intake of the connected units & manage provisional shortfalls in energy. The IoT in the utilities market is mainly spurred by the increasing adoption of smart meters. The smart meters present real-time data on energy consumption and transmission. It is also enhancing local and micro production of energy like solar panels and wind turbines, which forms a platform for the latest revenue streams and enhances the competence of production & distribution.

In addition, the significance of IoT in energy segment is rising owing to the smart meter, since it enables digital measurement of consumer data. The decentralization of the energy segment is the main aspect driving the IoT across the utility market. Some latest trends driving the implementation of IoT technologies in the utility industry are operational efficiency & regulation compliance, new revenue streams & strong customer relationships, the advancement of digital business models, and automated meter reading.

The IoT-enabled asset monitoring solutions are an integration of all processes, workflows, assets, and analytics in a single solution, which present centrally merged monitoring, tracking and analytics system for asset-demanding sectors, like mining, utilities, oil & gas, and healthcare. The asset management and monitoring solutions comprise the organization of utility meters, control operations of assets, and predictive asset maintenance. The asset management for utilities aid in the finest and sustainable management of gas & water pipelines. For achieving the organizational premeditated plan, the associated risks, performance, and spending over the lifecycle of assets is taken care of by asset management solutions. Such solutions normally include work order creation; type & asset tracking; asset tracking; maintenance, operations inventory & procurement; and proposed maintenance history.

The global IoT in utility market is augmenting as several leading players are investing for advanced services and solutions. For instance, Microsoft Corporation is developing a cloud ecosystem for supporting utilities for the deployment of IoT. The technology giant is also expected to invest over USD 4.9 billion in IoT in the future.

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