An FBI Complaint Prompts Apple To Cancel Their Plans Of Secure End-To-End Encrypted iCloud Backups

The book of Apple-FBI disputes has an all new chapter added to it, this time about data on Apple’s iCloud backup. As reported by Reuters, an Apple spokesperson has revealed that the company has scrapped its plans for end-to-end encryption of data backed up on its iCloud platform for undisclosed reasons. While the spokesperson cited FBI as the reason behind Apple’s decision, it was still not very clear as to what exactly made Apple make the decision as user convenience too would have played a part in it.

The data users back up on Apple’s iCloud platform has two keys, one with the user and the other with Apple themselves. The company can access the data and states that the other key is needed to recover data for users who forget their key. Apple is allowed to give access to user data on iCloud to legal agencies as well upon request. As for the numbers are concerned, FBI requested data for thousands of accounts in the first half of 2019 and Apple processed around 90 per cent of the requests. It is assumed that the decision is centred around FBI’s court battle against Apple for giving access to the iPhone of one accused in the San Bernardino Shooting.

Talking about Apple, the company has announced an all new initiative for its employees that will ask them to undertake fitness challenges at workplace. The plan is expected to be effective from February. As a reward, the employees who complete the challenge will get an Apple Watch styled t-shirt, that will have 2020 printed on it in fonts similar to Apple Watch’s activity style rings. Furthermore, employees who complete the challenge daily, will receive an additional gold pin.

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