Analysts apprehensive on China despite growth in retail and industrial sectors

The growth in the retail and industrial sectors has beaten the expectations in the month of November as the support of the government has propped the demand up in the second largest economy in the world as there was an easing in the trade hostilities with United States.

The figures which had been upbeat had followed on Monday the signs of progress from the trade negotiations between China and United States after both United States and China had made an announcement that a trade deal would be signed and it is going to double the level of exports from United States to China.

The key drivers of growth in China which are property sector and infrastructure though continued to be lackluster in the month of November as they underlined the key challenges for China and their efforts of stabilizing the performance of their economy in the coming year.

There was a rise in the year-on-year industrial production by 6.2% in the month of November as per the data which came from the statistics bureau and this beat the forecast of which had been made at 5%. This was also a lot quicker than the data for October which was 4.7%. This is also the fastest level of growth that has been registered in the previous five months.

Those who have been studying the economy of China feel that the spending and activity indicators have become strengthened in the previous month although it is being felt that the upward trend is going to be extremely short-lived as there are concerns regarding real estate with it being primed for moderation and the financial sector facing a squeeze by a crackdown from authorities.

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