Apple, Amazon, Zigbee Alliance, Google Come Together Smart Home Devices

Apple, Amazon, the Zigbee Alliance, and Google, recently reported another working group that intends to promote and develop the adoption of another royalty-free and new connectivity standard. This is so as to enhance compatibility between smart home items alongside security as a key design principle. Board member organizations of Zigbee Alliance such as Legrand, IKEA, NXP Semiconductors, Samsung SmartThings, Resideo, Signify, Schneider Electric, Somfy, Silicon Labs, as well as Wulian are additionally expected to join the group as well as contribute in this project.

The objective of the project of Connected Home over IP is to make simple the development for manufacturers as well as enhance consumers compatibility. The project is all about a mutual conviction that smart home gadgets ought to be reliable, secure, and easy to utilize. By using the Internet Protocol (IP), the project focuses to allow communication between smart home gadgets, cloud services and mobile applications, in order to define a particular networking technologies based on IP for certification of devices.

This working group will adopt an open-source strategy for the implementation and development of another unified connectivity protocol. Moreover, this project expects to utilize contributions from smart home techs that are market tested from Apple, Amazon, Zigbee Alliance, Google, and many more. The choice to use these technologies is required to fasten the improvement of the protocol, and hence benefit the consumers and manufacturers quickly.

The project furthermore intends to make it simpler for manufacturers to bring into gadgets that are perfectly compatible with smart home and voice services, for example, Google’s Assistant, Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and many more. The so-called protocol will complement present techs, and members of working group urge device manufacturers to keep developing with the help of available technologies at present.

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