Best Thing About Its Own Nest Products Is Just Killed By Google

As per the sources, at the I/O conference of Google this year, a few strategic moves were made by the company regarding its smart-home products. For a single thing, the whole thing beneath the Nest umbrella is rebrand by the tech giant, as a result, all will contain Nest in their names right from smart smoke detectors of Google along with smart displays and security cameras as well. Simultaneously, it has been announced by the firm that the program, Works With Nest will be sent by them, which permitted producers of smart-home device to integrate their personal gadgets with Nest products in very helpful and interesting ways.

For illustration, if carbon monoxide or smoke is detected by a Nest Protect, your smart lights associated with Lutron or Philips Hue will get automatically turned on with the integration of Works With Nest. That is an actual security feature, which no longer will occur from the month of September 1. Extra amazing things people will not be able to do in the upcoming months include, getting your lights turned off automatically when you are going out or governing your Nest regulator by a Harmony remote.

Justification of Google for terminating the program, Works With Nest is that, users will get help to keep their data safe and more private, as third parties will not be able to control or access Nest devices directly. That is definitely understandable. Nobody wants their old smart-home device to know when you’re home and when you’re not. But additional to the point, the firm wants to funnel the whole thing through Google Assistant and preserve the statistics for itself plus also wants to know when devices of partners are getting used. Moreover, the plan of the firm to terminate Works With Nest seems capricious and abrupt, precisely to the firms, which were part of the program.

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