Blue Origin Successfully Accomplished Space Tourism Test Launch Yet Again

New Shepard rocket owned by Blue Origin completed its 11th un-crewed flight successfully from test site located in Texas. This mission carried 38 payloads of research materials along with an experiment to test treatment for collapsed lungs and an experiment led by students to check temperature changes during microgravity. It is likely to be the last test flight of the rocket before it starts sending paid customers on short rides to space as it had earlier announced that New Shepard will be ready for commercial business by mid-2019. In its first human flight Blue Origin will send tourists to 62 miles beyond Earth which is defined as outer space. These passengers will feel weightless for a few minutes after which the capsule will begin its descent to earth. Till date Blue Origin has not made official announcement about when it will begin commercial flights into space or the likely prices of tickets.

As per details of data about test flight shared by Blue Origin the capsule detached itself from the rocket towards edge of flight path and climbed to 346400 feet above earth. The rocket then reignited its engine to carry out a pinpoint landing back to launch site. To make its slow decent to earth the capsule used three parachutes to travel down at 16 miles per hour and hit the ground gently. This achievement will help the firm compete directly with Virgin Galactic which is also making ambitious plans to enter the suborbital space tour market. Its billionaire owner Richard Branson has declared that they will start sending out passengers from mid- 2019 for $200,000 to $250000 each on the Virgin Galactic and already 600 passengers have booked themselves on the maiden flight into space. As of now it has conducted two test flights one of which carried a crew member one of whom will be part of two pilot team steering the rocket into space.

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