Bulbs Emitting Blue Light Are In Use To Avoid Drug Use In Public Areas

In Turkey Hill Convenience store, the public bathroom is filled with Blue light. The store has placed the light bulb of blue colored in all their 20 stores with a hope of preventing users from taking drugs as it is not possible to find out the vein in blue light.

The bulbs that give eerie blue colored glow in the bathrooms of convenience store made the finding of the veins difficult which in turn discourages the individuals from having drugs. The idea is around the corner for many years but it is receiving a completely new perception as a result of the opioid epidemic rate of the nation.

Read Hayes, a researcher from University of Florida and Director of Loss Prevention Research Council, said, “The hardest-core addicted user still wants to do it right. They want to ensure that the needle goes in the right vein.” The aim of installing lights which emit blue color is to restrain the users from finding their vein and make them find some other place to do drugs.

Earlier research has questioned the deterrent effect of lights, with the individuals who utilize opioids disclosing it to the investigators that they’d shoot up in the room with blue light if it has the purpose of avoiding withdrawal symptoms.

However, there are many health experts who are against the practice of light emitting blue color, as they believe that people tend to hurt themselves more.

Though, the list of individuals incorporating this practice is not limited to retailers only. The city of Philadelphia started giving the kits to the residential owners to install blue bulb in their front porch, a tool to get used syringes, no-trespassing signs, social service contact information and a box to dispose of the needles.

The city where the number of deaths was fueled due to fentanyl, a powerful synthetic opioid that increased the number of deaths by 30% since last year, has handed more than 10 kits since January.

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