Canopy Growth–Constellation Brands Merger Is Yielding Positive Results

The cannabis industry is not gaining success in recent days. Even the giant cannabis company, Canopy Growth Corp., has failed to escape from this chaos. Canopy and its rivals are currently affected by several reasons. One of these reasons, the most crucial one is the delay made by Canadian authorities while issuing retail licenses. This led to an imbalance in the demand-supply chain among the cannabis industry. Canopy and other legal competitors are unable to supply their products in the market whereas illegal sources are rapidly satisfying the demands of customers. Canopy has already started taking positive steps to conquer the cannabis market and looks forward to restore its form. The firm has major hopes from its collaboration with constellation Brands and the collaboration has been meeting with success in recent times.

This collaboration benefited the pot company in two ways. Firstly the company gained cash from Constellation Brands to quest for its growth. The company spent a lot on marketing its product, nearly 86% year-to-year increase in the expanses. Constellation Brands is a well-known producer and marketer of wine, spirits, and beer in the global market. The move of getting benefited from such a profitable firm as well as a tough competitor in the alcoholic beverages industry benefited canopy in either way. The merger has quite helped Canopy for announcing the portfolio of its derivative vaping products—cannabis-infused beverages and cannabis-infused chocolate. Considering the current cash position, stand in the Canadian market, and partnership with Constellation Brands, Canopy is assumed as one of the legalization 2.0 winners.

The Cannabis industry is facing a lot troubles in expanding itself all over the world. In recent weeks, cannabis sales were regulated by ANVISA, Brazil. In New Zealand, the same week, a draft regarding cannabis legalization was released for public debate. In Michigan, adult-use cannabis sale has been started.

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