Complex Carbon-based Molecules Found In Enceladus, The Saturn Moon

The researchers and scientists are not leaving any stones unturned to discover the presence of life on any other planet apart from the Earth. This is resulting in various other discoveries which are encouraging as well as depressing. In the latest discovery, scientists have found that Enceladus, the moon of Saturn, has the molecules that are based on complex carbon.

This is an exciting piece of information for the researchers as these molecules were once found on Earth and some of the meteorites.

The scientists are speculating that the molecules were formed as a result of the reaction between warm rock and water at the base of the subsurface ocean of the moon.

This is not a concrete proof for the existence of life on the moon but has proved the capability of Enceladus to act as a stable platform to support the dwelling of the living organisms.

This discovery was made with the help of data collected from the Cassini spacecraft. Though it was not designed to pick up such information, it came up with a spectacular discovery.

According to Dr. Frank Postberg, these molecules are huge and have complex networks that are built from numerous atoms. However, this is the first-ever discovery of the complex organics that belong to the extraterrestrial water-world.

The complex molecules of carbon are nothing but the precursor to life. However, it is impossible to reveal the presence of prebiotic chemistry or any other form of life through these molecules.

Life needs certain ingredients to survive which are energy, liquid water, and compounds containing carbon, carbon, hydrogen, phosphorus, sulfur, as well as nitrogen. Apart from sulfur and phosphorus, all the other items are present in the moon, which is great news for the scientists researching on the presence of life on any other planet.

Now, the scientists are looking forward to stepping on the moon to check the existence of life.

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