CVS Apologies On The Recent Controversy Of It

The pharmacy company CVS has recently made a statement regarding the recent controversy it had involved, seeking for an apology for the incident where a manager of the store called on police when a black customer was attempting to use a coupon, which the store manager accused of it to be counterfeit. The CVS spokesperson also revealed that the manager who has himself accused of involvement in a political fight is under investigation.

The incident about the racism was posted first on Facebook, where it went viral for a day, following that, the post was removed by the authorities to avoid any further damage to the controversy. Camilla Hudson, victim who is aged 53-year-old, shared the incident in detail to the media said that she went to buy some of her medicines to the CVS store at 6150 North Broadway, visited the section of automated checkout machine, where she was not able to use one of her coupons which she was using earlier also. Next moment, an assistant came to help her out but the coupon was not accepted by the automated checkout machine. Then the assistant called for the manager of the store, after a few minutes the store manager accused her of being black and using a counterfeit coupon on the machine.

Hudson later also told the media that the manager was unprofessional, accusatory, nasty, and his tone was offensive and problematic. Hudson tried to film the manager on his behavior when he started to walk away from her, she told him to call CVS corporate office to solve the issue with the coupon. Moments later the assistant came to Hudson and informed her that the manager called the police on the matter. On that she responded that she has it on video everything she didn’t raised voice and didn’t yelled at all or used profanity to him. Under the instruction from manager, the assistant made a second call to the police when Hudson was standing nearby at the store.

Following that police arrived at the store, and according to the Hudson, police officer were very mannered at their behavior and did said that the manager has the authority to ask you to leave the store. Later CVS apologized in a statement and said internal investigation will be carried on the manager of the store.

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