Department Of Homeland Security Has A Plan Ready To Reunify Families

Trump administration has shared its plan for reuniting the kids with their parents as an outcome of the Zero tolerance immigration policy by President. But in reality, there is no timeline scheduled that by when the reunifications will occur.

Currently, the Trump administration is using tent facility to house the children who are separated from their folks. The Department of Health and Human Service has reported 2,053 minors who were separated from their families are in HHS funded facilities, as per the fact sheet.

The US Government has all the information about the location of all the minors separated from their parents and guardians and is endeavoring to reunite them with their families. In total, 522 children who were in custody of US Customs and Border Protection have successfully been reunited with their families, as per the Department of Homeland security.

The process of reunification is well-organized, said by DHA, and mentions that the Customs and Border Protection, HHS, ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), and the ORR (Office of Refugee Resettlement) are working together on the process of reunification.

Trump wrote, “We cannot allow all these individuals to invade our nation.” In case someone comes in, we should promptly, without even waiting for any kind of court case or judgment, send them back from where they came.

The President went on with the second tweet and mentioned, “Our immigration policy will become a topic of a laugh in all over the world, as it seems very unfair to all those individuals who went through the legal process and in a queue from years. The immigration should be done on the basis of merits and we need the people who will help in making our nation great again.

Director, Omar Jadwat, ACLU’s Immigrants’ Rights Project, said, “What President Trump has stated here is both unethical and unconstitutional. Any individual who has taken an oath to stay true to the law and constitution should raise their voice against it.”

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