#Eachforequal Is The Theme For International Women’s Day 2020

As we know, International Women’s Day is just around the corner and we observe several different forms of celebrating it across the world. International Women’s Day (IWD) is a global event when women’s accomplishments—from the social to political—are celebrated. The foremost International Women’s Day had taken place in 1911, backed by more than a million people. Since then, it has been celebrated each year on March 8. It is not associated with just a single group but gets governments, charities, women’s organizations, and corporations, all of them together. The day is commemorated across the globe with networking events, art performances, rallies, talks, marches, and conferences.

Eachforequal Is The Theme For International Women’s Day 2020

To recall, the theme for last year’s IWD was #BalanceForBetter that was intended to promote gender balance in the media, in wealth, and in boardrooms as a means for economies to flourish. And likewise, the theme for this year is #EachforEqual, identifying all of the steps we can take as human beings to battle prejudice, face up to stereotypes, and celebrate achievements of women. This drive is basically is trying to point out the thought that gender inequality is not a women’s problem rather economic—as gender parity is necessary for communities and economies to boom. The year 2020 is a significant one for gender parity. It’s the 25th anniversary of the world’s most superior proposal for attaining gender equality, Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action.

Six major areas are being highlighted by the campaign:

  1. Applauding equality for female athletes,
  2. Championing women building technology innovation,
  3. Backing females to make money on their own conditions,
  4. Creating all-encompassing offices so women succeed,
  5. Rising visibility for women creatives,
  6. Empowering females via health education.

So, on this International Women’s Day, let change for something better. The world-famous feminist, activist, and journalist, Gloria Steinem, once enlightened, “The story of female’s fight for equality applies to any single organization nor to no one feminist but to the communal attempts of all who are bothered about human rights.”

Wish You All Happy Women’s Day!!!

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