Elon Musk targets Bitcoin through his Twitter account

Elon Musk took to twitter again to drop what is being called the Bitcoin Bomb. In a tweet which had been filled with innuendoes, the Spacex and Tesla CEO made a joke that Bitcoin was not his safe word.

The tweet has gone viral already by the standards of Crypto Twitter as it garnered as many as 13,000 likes and had been continuously gaining a lot of like every minute as the time was passing. This tweet which has come directly from the left field has expectedly riled the community of cryptocurrency up.

The Twitter account, Bitcoin 2020 which is the official account on Twitter of the event which has the same name has replied to this tweet with an emoji to which Elon Musk responded through a wink face.

The Moon which is a popular analyst when it comes to cryptocurrency has taken this tweet under their stride and used it as an opportunity for promoting Bitcoin to the 30 million followers which Tesla has. He replied with an excerpt from his thesis on what is going to make the BTC very valuable.

Another podcaster in the Bitcoin industry made an attempt to poke fun at Musk and asked him to join his podcast. He wrote that the price of the cryptocurrency has not reacted to this particular tweet however if Elon Musk encouraged the buying of BTC through his Twitter account there would have been a completely different story.

He even made fun of a previous incident and said that Elon Musk is a huge fan of the technology which has gone into the making of Bitcoin and the other assets which are digital.


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