Exxon Mobil Faces Charges For Misleading Investors with False Claims

Climate change is an important issue that Exxon is charged with and protestors have gathered to voice their opinion against Exxon Mobil at the Manhattan courthouse.

The three-week trial will take place, holding the company accountable for its impact on the climate.

Fossil fuel burning is the cause of climate change that brings in global warming. Almost all scientists agree that humans are the cause of the ever-increasing pollution that is creating havoc on the environment, especially through global warming.

Climate change is seen in the form of increasing drought, intensified storms, and frequent heatwaves. Humans are the main culprits who have brought global warming.

But big corporates are taking many steps to misinform and disinform the public about climate change, providing wrong facts to the public.

Apart from Exxon, others like the lead and asbestos industries, the tobacco industry and the oil industry have cited fake experts, used conspiracy theories and hurt the integrity of scientific explanations. Corporates are misleading people, claim protestors.

Exxon has been accused of misrepresenting the climate change costs in its business. The oil company had tried to block probes from Massachusetts and New York, stating that they are politically motivated, but its efforts have not come through.

New York states that Exxon lied about its involvement in climate science and the future value of its assets that are yet to be tapped. It has misled investors by using two numbers, greenhouse gas costs and proxy costs. This has been misunderstood by investors and analysts, as they have a qualitative and quantitative influence on the issue.

The environment is under threat say, supporters. By burning fossil fuels, the oil giant is a threat to the environment, they cry out. Exxon has been deliberately polluting the planet for many decades. They have spoilt the world for our grandchildren say, supporters.

Big Oil has been trying to stem the growing state court lawsuits.


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