Facebook Group Will Charge Monthly Subscription Fees For Its Access

Facebook announced in its recent blog post that it will now allow the group administrators to charge about $4.99–29.99 per month as a subscription charge. This will be implemented for the special membership in certain groups. Reportedly, at the initial stage, the groups related to cooking, parenting, and home cleaning will be offered the new feature as a part of an early test.

As per the new announcement, the other free groups will be remaining active for now without any fees. However, the company is planning to add a special feature that will offer an option for all the group administrators to launch a premium sub-group. For example, Sarah Mueller, a lifestyle blogger, has “Declutter My Home group.” Her group is starting a new subgroup named “Organize My Home” and it may charge $14.99 per month to join and subscribe for that group.

Earlier, there was no subscription fee for participating in any Facebook group. However, the introduction of charges for a membership of a specific group will intensify the sense of uniqueness. It will allow for making a group feel more special to participate.

Facebook proclaimed that the new feature is beneficial for the group administrators. The company noticed that the administrators put a lot of time and dedication that help the group to grow their communities. Now, the administrators will get an opportunity to earn money while running a Facebook group.

On a related note, there is a tremendous increase in the complaints of the Facebook users stating that the Facebook and Instagram are ruining their products with an attack of constant notifications. It is observed that Instagram is repeatedly sending push notifications. Generally, these regular alerts are sent to users to inform them about the activity relating to their account. But, there is an increase in the number of complains that these alerts are continual and redundant.

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