Facebook Is Shutting Down Its Drone Building Facility In Bridgwater

It’s time to say goodbye to the dreams of internet drones made by Facebook. The company is going to stop designing and developing its own aircraft and is about to close the dedicated facility that they established in the Bridgwater, a British town.

As per Facebook, there is no need of one when there are industry leaders who are dominating the aerospace are designing high-altitude flying machines. And it will be better if the social network platform will focus on creating high-altitude internet access system and work in partnership with the aerospace giants to develop new technologies and place it in the skies.

However, it is not going to cover up that the drone development process of Facebook was a little on a rocky surface. The incident is of Aquila drone cash landing which happened in 2016, following the misjudgment of the wind flow at the time of automated landing process, and there is no successful landing recorded till June 2017.

The company said that it was a structural failure, which doesn’t prove helpful for the company, and it made it look like that the flight finished somehow smoothly. In combination with the runway challenges for which they are expecting to utilize the fledgling spaceport of Virgin Galactic but had only dirt in their hands and the Aquila program encounters a hard-to-win battle.

It is a crucial low for the company, who has been in competition with the Project Loon of Google for offering Internet access in the part of the world where the conventional service is either physically difficult or costly.

The blow is more like a deadly blow, which made the company shut down its drone manufacturing facility and made them use the saved money in the betterment of the connectivity services and other aspects of its businesses.

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