Google Claims Its Digital Wellbeing Tool Is Not Affecting Pixel Performance

Google has answered to blames that its Digital Wellbeing tool slows down performance on Pixel handsets. Answering on Reddit through an official Google account, the firm claimed that it had carried out a thorough examination of the tool after getting complaints from consumers, and claimed that there were no performance problems on Pixel related with the Digital Wellbeing app.

On the other hand, the firm did claim that during its probe it discovered “unassociated” issues that did unfavorably impact performance. It claimed it was in the process of launching out software upgrades that might fix these errors and “make your Pixel handsets better.”

Complaints about the Digital Wellbeing application have been increasing for a long time now. The tool (which is accessible on Android One devices, all Pixel phones, and a few other Android handsets) operates in the background of consumer’s handsets, logging how long they employ specific apps and letting consumers to set timers to restrict usage.

Some Pixel users—specifically Pixel 3 users—claimed that switching off the software made a huge difference in their handset’s performance. Others were vaguer, saying the modifications were not that noticeable.

On a related note, it has not even been much of a time since Google’s 3a XL and 3a were launched out to the public and some consumers are already reporting handset-breaking errors. As per consumers on a number of forums such as Google support pages and Reddit, the new phones suffer from a problem that leads to random shutdowns all over the day. Consumers have to conduct carry out a hard reset to bring their handsets back to a working phase, but in some instances, the issue remains. Media has reached out to Google for more data but the firm has nothing to answer.

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