Google Upgrades Shopping Features On Its Search Results

In a bid to make itself a go-to platform for online shoppers across the globe, Google has added an all new shopping feature to Google Search that will make life a lot easier for users shopping online. The new feature will now show you a listing of products when you search for any category like “sneakers” “trainers” “denims” or “leather belts”. The listing will show details such as the websites it is available on along with the lowest price it is available for. Users can directly click on the link that is offering the lowest price for the product and make the purchase.

The new feature also allows users to filter out their search results by different parameters depending on the query such as size or style of the product. Once a filter is applied, images shown will only be of products that fit into the filtered categories. This change will be a major relief for online shoppers who have to visit multiple sites to get their favourite products at the lowest possible price. The feature will also be a boon for online merchants as Google has stated that it won’t be asking for any payment to index any particular product and all online merchants are allowed to let their products get indexed.

Talking of new features from Google, in a major respite to iPhone users, the company has updated Smart Lock App on iOS to allow iPhones to be used as a security key while logging into Google services while using Chrome. After enrolling an iPhone as a security key, user can use it to get notified when any new login attempt is made from their account on any other device. The login will be approved only after the user approves it from the Google App on their iPhone.

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