History of 3D Glasses

History of 3D Glasses

When we think about the magical 3D glasses, the first thing that comes into our mind is that there must be something complex methodology operating behind the scenes. Well, that is all part of the technical stuff. We are not here to describe the logic behind how 3D glasses work. In fact, we are here to tell you the history of this modern art. Do you know any single thing about the 3D glasses? Let us take a ride of its past.

The 3D glasses that we have today are the fourth of its generation. Did you know this? Primarily, the first generation 3D glasses have only one sole purpose. They were used for games to make the experience more life-like. The inventors of the game had to make the games that could specifically support any ideal situation. Chances of the 3D glasses working for your favorite game were partial. This led to the invention of the next generation, that is, the second generation, of 3D glasses.

The next generation did have minor alteration in the structure of the glasses. The major modification was done in the games. This was done so that each 3D glass would be compatible with the game. This resulted in nothing but slowing of the game’s performance and insertion of blocky & low resolution images. But it indeed worked for most of the games.

The third generation was nothing but again the modification to the games. This time, the logic went wrong and it turned out that the glasses did not work for majority of the games. But this was indeed a stepping stone for the development of the 3D glasses that we have today.

The fourth generation of glasses is what we see today. These glasses are compatible with all the games as well as play stations.

So friends, hope that you have understood the journey of today’s 3D glasses.

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