Hot Cheetos And Takis Makers In Trouble After Binging Teen Undergoes Gallbladder Removal

The mother of a teenage girl wants to put snack makers of Takis and Hot Cheetos on notice, after her daughter needed a gallbladder removal operation owing to a regular consumption of those snacks, which caused her severe stomach aches. According to reports, Rene Craighead’s daughter had an unhealthy obsession with the highly unhealthy and school-banned snacks, consuming 4 bags per week as was disclosed by the mother herself, thus causing her daughter stomach issues. Doctors have also blamed the unhealthy eating habits of kids for their stomach problems.

According to the mother, the girl loved the snacks so much that she snuck these snacks to school. Only recently, she started getting a severe stomach pain, after which she was rushed to hospital, which led to the removal of her gallbladder. Gastroenterologist Dr Cary Cavender stated that there were regular cases of stomach related problems observed by his hospital, owing to the extra spicy snacks which were causing these issues. He added that there were around a 100 kids with such cases that visited him per month. The aforementioned snacks had been banned from schools since 2012, owing to their unhealthy nature, causing some schools to turn into an underground market for Takis. A Takis representative said that Taki complies with FDA standards; however, it should be enjoyed in moderate amounts, while Cheetos’ maker Frito-Lays asked for people sensitive to spicier snacks to refrain from consuming them.

Meanwhile, Cheetos Museum campaign has added yet another unique effort by offering fans prizes amounting to $100,000 as a reward for them submitting photos of their uniquely shaped snack on the website The prizes will be given out to eight winners. Unexpected prizes are also in the offering as reward for clever submissions in the campaign. The contest will be valid till September 2 and fans can follow Cheetos on Instagram and Twitter to receive contest updates and winner announcements.

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