3 Ways to Clean A Mousepad Without Damaging It

Before learning how to clean a mouse pad, you need to understand that the cleaning would depend upon the type and materials of the pad. For instance, if the pad is made up of fabric, you can simply use a moist cloth with shampoo for its easy but intense cleaning but in case it’s made up of plastic, you may use household cleaners along with a sponge.

A dirty mouse pad doesn’t look very appealing look-wise, and the dirt granules accumulated in the mouse pad leads to increased friction behind the pad and the mouse. Also the main cause of scratches under the mouse. All these factors impact the ability of a gamer. That is why, we suggest you clean your mouse pad every so often.

Keep reading down below for learning different types of mouse pads and how to clean them. 

Types of Mousepads

The first step in cleaning your mousepad at home- learn what material the mousepad is made up of. Majority of the mousepads available in the market are made up of a spongy foam superficially covered with a fabric or plastic material. Different types of mouse pads means different techniques of cleaning. The three types of mouse pads are explained down below:

1. Ergonomic Mouse Pads 

These pads are highlighted by their padding layers that are carefully placed to reduce the pressure on the tendons of your wrist while you use this. Although this comes in different forms, all the designs ensure minimum pressure on your carpal tendons by keeping your wrist parallel to the table while you use the mouse. Thereby, reducing complications such as repetitive strain injury and carpal tunnel syndrome.

2. Gaming Mouse Pads

Designed specially for extended use, they will improve your overall gaming experience by manyfolds. The sole purpose of these pads are to offer larger working areas, better ergonomics and increased sensitivity. Majority of the manufacturers choose to make these mouse pads in plastic. 

To make the looks appealing to the gamers, the mouse pad surface often has graphical images. So it is important to not scrub the picture off the pads while cleaning.

3. Textured Mouse Pads

As the name suggests, these mouse pads feature a surface layer of fabric that improves the efficiency of the mouse especially on smooth table surfaces. The additional advantage of this type of mouse pad is that it features mild cushioning for our users.

The manufacturers try to use a low density rubber composite such as butadiene rubber for such types of textured mouse pads. Fabric is then glued to the top of rubber for a smooth appearance.

Can You Clean These In The Dishwasher? 

To answer this question, definitely. Most of the common mouse pads available in the market can be washed without causing significant damage to the material. However, it is not recommended to use hot water and powerful detergents and bleaching agents while doing the cleaning in a washing machine. You can make a special precaution for delicate mouse pads by wrapping them in towels before putting it in for washing.

Here’s how to wash these mouse-pads:

Step 1: Put the dirty mousepad into the washing machine, and add mild shampoo or detergent.

Step 2: Set the temperature of the washing machine to cold, with negligible to no tumble, and start the process.

Step 3: After cleaning, air dry the mouse pad for about 24 to 36 hours before using it again.

Other Ways to Clean Mousepads:

The cleaning methods totally depend upon the type and material of mouse pads. They also depend on how dirty the mousepad is.

In case, it is slightly dirty, you can just wipe the dirt off with a lint free cloth. 

But in case of deeper stains of fabric mouse pads, you need to resort to other methods. Continue reading to know how:

How To Clean An Electric Mouse Pad 

Many manufacturers use electrical components in their gaming equipment, even mousepads. These mousepads tend to need a special cleaning technique. Just simply dipping it in water would simply disrupt the components.

So, how can you clean a mousepad without water. You will be needing a multipurpose cleaner or wipes as your cleaning supplies. 

First, you will spray the cleaner on the cloth to slightly dampen it. Or you may also use wet wipes. With light pressure, press the damp cloth against the dirty mousepad to remove all the dirt and grime off it. Then wipe it again using a dry cloth and air dry it for a few hours.

How to Clean a Neoprene Mousepad:

Neoprene is a type of rubber that is naturally obtained and well known for its non-skidding and high gripping qualities. These mousepads come with a fabric covering. The good thing is that it does not absorb water and dries easily too.

The only thing to keep in mind is that you should never use acetone and alcohol based cleaning agents on Neoprene rubber. Because this tends to destroy the rubber glue that is used to attach fabric to the mousepad.

What you should do is: 

Step 1: Fill a bowl with warm water, add a few drops of the mild cleanser and stir.

Step 2: Dip a sponge into the cleanser mixture, and flip the mousepad over so that the neoprene surface is on the front side. 

Step 3: Using the sponge, rub the surface to remove any dirt.

Step 4: Rinse the Mousepad in clean water and air dry.

How to Clean the Touchpad on a Laptop: 

Cleaning the touchpad on your laptop improves the response and motion timings.

For this, all you need is 50% IPA or mild window cleaner. Make sure to shut down the touchpad before you begin the cleaning process. Use similar cleaning steps of Damp cloth-wiping-drying again.

How to Clean RGB Mouse Pad:

When compared to other mousepads, RGB mouse pads are more tough to clean because they include electric components for example- RGB lighting.

What to do is, unplug the mouse pad, mix soap and water in a bowl. Soak the sponge and clean the mouse pad. Try to avoid electrical lights to prevent any significant damage to the mouse pad. Wipe it dry and leave it to air-dry.

How To Clean Razer Chroma Mousepad:

Razer Chroma is another type of gaming mousepad that requires special cleaning instructions. No soaps or cleaning agents should be used on this type of mousepad. But make sure you unplug the mouse from the USB port before cleaning. 


In this article, we’ve covered all the different types of mouse pads available in the market and their varying requirements. Refer to our article, keep cleaning your mouse pad every 5-6 weeks and you should be good to go. 

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