How to Increase Event Ticket Sales

Every event has its share of successes and challenges. In general, if you are selling event tickets to make a profit, you probably try as hard as you can to sell, whether it is a local trade show or a nationwide convention. So, if you are looking to boost your sales, there are some tricks and programs you can use. For example, you can try Tixily to increase ticket sales.

Here are some tips and tricks to boost your event ticket sales:

Increase Event Ticket Sales

Consider On-Site Sales

As an event planner, you tend to forget the importance of on-site sales. While it is normal to focus on selling tickets online, selling them at the door is also an excellent way to increase the number of your attendees. If you are using a box office app, this enables you to sell event tickets from any device. By using the app, you may also check how many people have checked in and continue to sell tickets at the door.

Utilize Tracking Links

Tracking links allow you to monitor your marketing channels and identify which of them are generating more sales. This way, you can spend your budget on areas where they are most effective. So, if you find out that those banner ads you are using are not driving sales, you may decide to remove them and reallocate your money into the ones that are performing well. Also, you can utilize the tracking links to optimize the “Buy Tickets” button on your site to help you convert those site visitors into ticket-buying fans.

Provide Discounts

It is essential to keep a watchful eye on your ticket sales so you can detect any lulls immediately. When this happens, try offering discounts as a way to climb again. Some strategies to follow are:

● Right before the event, send last call emails, offering tickets at discounted prices.

● Offer special deals to group members of your event. Make it more attractive by giving early event entry or early access to tickets.

● Provide personal-referral codes to guests, encouraging them to use their social media accounts to invite other people.

● Give discounts to people who are purchasing a large number of event tickets.

● Make use of time-limited discounts during those times when you need an increase in attendance. Consider giving 10-15% discounts to those who arrive at noon.

Take Advantage of Scarcity

When you are experiencing a lull in the ticket sales, manufacture scarcity to overcome this situation. Sell your tickets in limited numbers at higher prices to keep the sales up the entire time. You may offer limited-time discounts to encourage people to buy tickets in this sense of urgency. Find ways to emphasize the exclusivity of the event. Let people know that the available tickets are limited, urging buyers to take action now.

Retarget Event-Goers

If the rate of conversion is low, it is time to retarget your site visitors. When someone visits your page and leaves without purchasing a ticket, you can still use this situation to your advantage. Do not think of this as a loss of sales. The ticketing platform you use will show you your conversion rate.

You can try Tixily to retarget those potential buyers during the periods of slow sales. Email them discount cards or release online ads to inform buyers about the event. Using the retargeting method just before your event is quite effective.

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