How To Legally Jailbreak Your Firestick ?

If you want to jailbreak your FireStick then this article will be perfect for you. By jailbreaking your firestick you will enjoy the third party apps which you can stream on your TV free of cost. You can watch popular apps for streaming movies, live sports, TV shows without paying a single penny. To learn how to jailbreak Firestick successfully follow the guide which we have displayed below.

Amazon FireStick is one of the most popular streaming devices, which can be used for converting a regular TV into a Smart TV. Smart TV’s are often used by the people to stream high quality content on platforms like YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video. Rather than buying a Smart TV, everyone tends to buy an Amazon Firestick as it can convert your existing TV just by plugging it in. Everyone can stream the apps just by paying Rs.3999 for a regular FireStick (Non 4k, full HD).

But to use the FireStick you must pay a subscription fee to watch the content on the apps mentioned above. The subscription cost of these apps is too high. So, to avoid this fee, you can jailbreak your firestick and enjoy all the content for free by using third party applications. Without jailbreaking you cannot install third party apps on FireStick.

However, there are some drawbacks of jailbreaking firestick which we will discuss later in the article. Now let’s start with the jailbreak process.  Before that we have to learn about what is jailbreaking.

What is jailbreaking?

Jailbreaking is the process of unlocking your device and removing the limits on installation set by the company to restrict users at certain points.

By jailbreaking your firestick you are removing the restriction set by Amazon and can install all the apps that are not available on Amazon App Store. You can stream content for free and enjoy the day.

The process of jailbreaking the FireStick is not as hard as jailbreaking an iPhone, anyone can jailbreak the FireStick within a few minutes. Don’t worry if you’re jailbreaking a FireStick device for the first time, just go through this article.

How to jailbreak FireStick?

Jailbreaking a FireStick is a very simple task to do. You just need to tweak the firestick and install some apps to jailbreak it. Just make sure you don’t skip any of the steps mentioned below as it can cause random crashes on your FireStick.

We also get some jailbroken FireSticks from EBay, but is it really good to directly buy these jailbroken Fire Stick instead of jailbreaking yourselves? Absolutely not, don’t waste your money on buying pre-jailbroken firestricks as it can bring some threats like viruses and copyright issues. Jailbreaking a FireStick takes only a few minutes, so don’t waste your money on these pre-jailbroken Firesticks.

Government and internet service providers can track your online activity and you can get into serious trouble if you watch some copyrighted content. Use of VPN is a must to hide your privacy from others. We as a consumer don’t know which content is free to watch and which one is copyrighted. So, I suggest everyone simply use a VPN.

So now let’s see How to jailbreak FireStick

These are few steps to jailbreak the Firesticks:

1.    First install the Downloader app on Firestick:

By installing the Downloader app you can download third party apps to jailbreak the device. You can easily find this app on the Amazon App Store. This app is safe to use and it will be used to install a few apps needed for jailbreak.

Before jailbreaking just make sure you’re using up to date software. 

2.    To download and Open Download follow these steps:

  1.      Click on the find button on the home screen.
  2.      Search for Downloader app
  3.     Click on Downloader icon which will appear on screen
  4.     Choose Download and wait for download to complete
  5.     Click on the Open button which you will see on the same screen after installation.
  6.     Dismiss all the prompts and wait until the app launches

These were the steps to download and install the Downloader app. After downloading the app we will have to set up the FireStick to jailbreak the device without any issues. To set up the FireStick for jailbreaking follow the steps given below. Each and every step is important; please go through all the steps.

3.     Setting up the Fire Stick for Jailbreaking:

To jailbreak a FireStick you have to change some setting. By doing this you’re not harming the core files present on the device, so don’t worry. This jailbreak is the easiest jailbreak. But a stable internet connection is needed for it. These are few steps to change few settings:

  1.     Go to the home screen
  2.     Select the setting icon on the right side.
  3.     Choose My Fire TV
  4.     Choose Developer options.
  5.     Turn on ADB Debugging
  6.       Click on install unknown apps:

By clicking on install unknown apps, your firestick will allow you to download the apps that are not present on Amazon App Store

  1.     Click on downloader app and turn it on
  2.     Press back on your Amazon Fire TV remote

Now the next changes in setting will be done inside the Preferences tab.

  1.     Click on Preferences
  2.     Open Privacy Settings
  3.     Turn off the Device Usage Data and Collect App Usage Data:

These options will stop sharing the usage data with the company after you jailbreak.

  1.     Now press the back button and select Data Monitoring
  2.     Turn Off Data Monitoring

Now let’s see How to jailbreak FireStick successfully without any crashes.

4.    Jailbreaking the FireStick:

The steps written below will show you how to jailbreak the FireStick. To jailbreak the device we will start by installing Kodi 18 (a streaming application). Kodi 18 is an application which provides us lots of entertainment for free. You can watch movies, live sports, TV channels and a lot more. We need to install a few add-ons on Kodi to watch everything for free. 

Follow the steps to install Kodi on your FireStick with the help of Downloader app which we installed previously.

  1.     Open downloader
  2.     Click on the Enter URL box
  3.     Copy and paste the URL and click on go

  1.     This will start DOWNLOADING the Kodi 18 Leia app.
  2.     After download a window will appear, Select the install button
  3.       Wait for few seconds for Kodi app to get installed on your FireStick
  4.     After few seconds you will a app installed notification
  5.     Now your FireStick is Jailbroken

Yes, you have jailbroken the Firestick Successfully now to watch contents for free you need to add some Add-ons.

How to add Add-Ons on Kodi?

Adding Add-ons on kodi is an easy task to do, follow the steps below and enhance the jailbreak experience.

   1.  Enable Unknown sources on kodi:

  1.     Open settings in kodi app.
  2.     Click on System
  3.     Search for Add-ons of the left side. Click on Add-ons
  4.     Jump to right side and toggle on Unknown Sources
  5.     You will see a popup warning, click on Yes and continue

   2.   Adding Add-ons:

For adding Add-ons you need to download the Add-ons from the desired repository. Links for a few repositories will be given below.

  1.     To install Add-ons, go to settings
  2.     Click on file manager
  3.     Click on Add source
  4.     A dialog box will appear. Click on <None>
  5.     Enter the repository path on the next window
  6.     You should add the source name from URL (repository URL).
  7.     Click back button
  8.     Click on Add-ons which is situated besides file manager.
  9.     Click Install from zip file
  10.     You will see the name which we added in step f. Click on it
  11.     Allow Kodi to install Repo. You will see the add-on installed tab on the right side of the screen
  12.     Open install from repository
  13.     Open the add-on you installed
  14.     Open video add-ons
  15.     Click on the add-on name
  16.     Click install on next window
  17.     Popup window will appear, hit Ok
  18.     Wait for installation to complete. If it gets stuck somewhere, then don’t worry this takes some time to install
  19.     Now the Add-on is added successfully

Further down in the article we will provide a few repository links for you.

 5.   Best add-ons on Kodi:

a)    Venom add-on:

This is the one the most popular add-ons on Kodi. It has a huge content library and high quality streaming links.

Repository link:

b)    Magic Dragon:

You can watch 4k movies, blu-ray movies, documentaries, sport, news, radio and many more on this Add-on.

Repository link:

c)    Exodus Redux:

This add-on has a huge content catalog and it is the most famous Kodi add-on right now.

Repository link:

 These were few of the popular Add-ons for Kodi

So, this was our in-detailed guide on how to jailbreak firestick and install add-ons on Kodi. Follow all the steps and you will be able to jailbreak and watch content for free. Jailbreak on FireStick is considered as legal as we are not changing any core files. So, enjoy this experience and don’t forget to use a VPN.

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