How to Lift the Mood of Your Living Room with Canvas Prints

A typical Australian home celebrates open-plan living, with the living room being the happiest and super-connected place in the house. Every three in five Australians enjoy a beautiful piece of wall art to accentuate their living rooms.

Being a house-proud nation with a great interest in home designing, canvas prints in Australia has built a high reputation for itself. Here are a few excellent tips for selecting the perfect pieces of canvas prints for lighting up your living room.

Living Room with Canvas Prints

Matching the Colour Theme

Though Aussies play safe, sticking to whites and off-whites for the interior walls, yet grey, green and yellow colours are the hot picks for the living room, in the recent times.

The basic thumb rule is to choose a canvas print that goes with the room colour scheme, without deviating from the design element of the room. When thinking of lifting the mood of your living room, a splash of bright colours in your canvas print can create the magic.

With about 38% of Australians favouring warm and soft colour schemes, canvas prints with orange and red colours give you a vibrant and energetic effect.

Pleasing Nature-Based Artwork

Aussies are known to be great outdoor enthusiasts. To incorporate the outdoor effect in your living room, you can go for relaxing beach scenes and pleasant natural scenery images. Choose a canvas print with beautiful landscapes or flowers, in harmony with the theme of your living room.

Using Personal Style

Choosing a canvas print that resonates with you is, by far, the best way to light up your living room. You can select suitable artwork from the plethora of canvas prints in Australia, available online, depending on your personality.

Having images that represent your memories are also great tools to brighten up your mood.

For instance, if you love hunting, just like the other 640,000 recreational hunters, contributing $2.4 billion to the Australian national economy, you could choose canvas prints based on wildlife that you enjoy hunting. 

Selecting the Best Suitable Size of Canvas Print

Deciding the appropriate size for your canvas print will ensure it blends with the theme of your living room, making the ambience pleasant.

Typically, across Australia, the average living room size is about 5.2 m x 5.0 m. With such a vast space, the walls will be proportionally big. It is ideal to select large canvas prints of size close to 100 cm x 80 cm. In the case of a relatively smaller living room, you can go for a piece of size 60 cm x 60 cm.

Matching Rest of the Artwork

No matter how unique your canvas print is, it should not disrupt your living room’s harmony, set by the rest of the artwork. For instance, you are of the 3 million active surfers in the country, with a nautical tone set in your living room. Then, mounting a floral canvas art in your living room will not work.

Also known as the beach paradise, the country has over 85% of Australians living within 50Km of the coast. Thus, ensure you take all precautions to preserve the canvas prints you choose to lift your living room mood.

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