How To Stop Chrome From Blocking Downloads

Google chrome uses some built-in protective measures to scan the file before downloading which can help protect your computer from dangerous files that contains virus or malware. But if you are sure that your downloading file is safe, but still chrome keeps blocking the download then you can try the following ways to stop chrome from blocking downloads

Steps to stop chrome from blocking downloads

  1. Open the Google chrome browser on tour Pc. Then click on the three dot icon at the top right corner in chrome then, click on settings.
  2. In the chrome settings window, you can click on privacy and security in the left pane. Or you can copy chrome://settings/privacy in chrome address bar and select entre to use the page.
  3. Now you can click on more under the privacy and security section in the right window. Now disable the safe browsing option.
  4. Now try downloading the target file again in chrome browser. After downloading successfully you should follow the same steps to enable the safe browsing feature again.

By turning on this feature you can stop chrome from blocking downloads from some website. Also, this feature helps you to protect your computer from harmful websites and files which can damage it.

Some other ways to stop chrome from blocking downloads in 2021.

Clear browse cookies

In chrome clock on the three dot icon on the upper right and select more tool then click on clear browsing data. Now select a time range and tick the items which you like to clear. Then click on clear data button to clear browser caches.

Temporarily disable firewall or antivirus

Sometimes third party antivirus software interferes the file downloading process, you can try downloading it again after disabling the firewall and antivirus on your computer. After downloading you should turn on the firewall and antivirus as it can protect your computer from virus or malware.

Update or reinstall chrome browser

You can update your chrome browser to the latest version or reinstall chrome browser to check if it can help you fix chrome blocking downloads error. to reinstall it you can open control panel on windows 10 search from goggle chrome and click it to choose uninstall. After you have done uninstalling you can then download and install chrome again.


Above are the steps you can try to stop chrome from blocking downloads. Hope this article helps you in solving your problem.

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