Human Cell Atlas Is Targeting To Have Required Details Of Human Cells

A human body has cells of hundreds of different types, if you cannot believe it, you can Google it.

Aviv Regev, core member, Genetics research center of Broad Institute, Cambridge, Mass, says, “The speculation is true.”

She says, however, no one is sure that how many types of cell are there. Immunologists’ experts have already made a count of around 300 cell types in just the immune system of a human. The retina of the human eye itself has 100+ cell types. Regev does not even want to invest time in predicting how many are there in the human body.

Regev, Biology professor, MIT, for the last 2 years, is been participating in the huge global effort to find out the answer. The effort referred to as the Human Cell Atlas Consortium, the consortium is focused on finding the way for an effective understanding of all the cell types and their sub-types, as well as how they interact with each other.

The Human Cell Atlas project, however, able to get less attention of the people than the other Human Genome Project worth around $3B, that has been done successfully in 2003 after the research conducted for 15 years.

Teichmann, co-chair with Regev says that “The project efforts is like the way we are endeavoring in finding out all the distinctive colors of Lego building blocks which humans’ have in its body.” We are making efforts to find out that how these lego parts (building blocks) and how each individual tissue fits together.

After having a look at the building blocks, both Regev and said that we will provide many other insights about the working of body and what challenges or issue our body phase while we were sick/unfit.

The distinction might be small but it has the potential of saving years of efforts put in the experiments to mend the broken, wrong, or irregular cell.

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