Invisible Can Now Be Seen With This New Nissan-connected Tech

Invisible Can Now Be Seen With This New Nissan-connected TechNissan unveils its vision of the future in a vehicle that enables drivers to see the invisible fusing virtual and real worlds and developing the best experience in connected cars.

i2V helps drivers to unite sensor information into and out of vehicle and cloud data. This allows the system not only to follow the immediate vicinity of the vehicle but also anticipate what is to come, even to show what is behind a building or around the corner. To make driving more enjoyable, instructions are given in an interactive way, in the way of the man, for example, through avatars that appear in the car.

The i2V is outfitted with Nissan’s Omni-Sensing technology, a hub that collects real-time data on the traffic environment, the environment and the interior of the vehicle. Nissan’s Transparent Autonomous Mobility technology analyzes the road surroundings with related information in real time. The semi-autonomous driver assistance system ProPILOT provides information on the car environment.

The technology follows a 360-degree virtual space around the car to provide information on road conditions and intersections, visibility, signage or pedestrians in the neighborhood. He can also track people in the vehicle using internal sensors to better predict when they need help finding something or a tea break to stay attentive.

The i2V can also connect passengers and drivers to people in the virtual world. This enables friends, family members, or other people to go into the car in the form of three-dimensional augmented reality avatars to provide assistance.

The i2V will not only display information about the estimated and congestion travel time; it can put across exclusive information to better inform the driver on the road ahead, eliminating strangers to relieve the stress of driving. I2V offers alternative suggestions, even on the most efficient route in case of heavy traffic, with the help of real-time local data mapping through Omni-Sensing.

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