Justice Minister vows to strengthen checks on border after Ghosn escape

The Justice Minister of Japan on Monday had vowed the strengthening of checks on the border and reviewing the conditions of bail post the former chairman of Nissan’s escape from the country in spite of the stringent levels of surveillance being in place.

The minister Masako Mori has said that he has already made sure that a recurrence does not take place. The former chairman, Carlos Ghosn had skipped the bail and then came up a week ago in Lebanon and said he did not get fair trail in Japan where he had been awaiting the trial on the allegations of financial misconduct.

There are reports that an ex Green Beret who had earlier rescued the hostages had been among the ones who were involved in the escape plan of Carlos Ghosn.

The team which had spirited Ghosn outside the country had been making a lot of trips to Japan for scouting the possible routes of escape as per reports. They had settled on the airport of Osaka where the X-Ray scanners had not been big enough for handling the concert box equipment which had been used for apparently enabling Ghosn to get on his private flight. He had flown from the airport to Istanbul and then gone to Beirut as per the airlines company in Turkey.

Mori though still maintained that the matter had been under the investigation still and did not name anyone who may be responsible for the escape. Ghosn had been out on bail of $14 billion dollar and had been living in the rich part of Tokyo and under the strict supervision of authorities which makes his escape even more sensational.

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