Juul is halting sales of its fruit-flavoured pods in Canada

Juul is briefly ending the generation of its fruity nicotine vaping items in Canada, the e-cigarette creator affirmed to CNBC on Tuesday.

Mango, cucumber, natural product, and vanilla flavours will never again be accessible. The organization had just ended the offer of its flavours in the U.S. in November, barring menthol, Virginia tobacco and great tobacco, in the midst of investigation over a flood in adolescent use.

The initiative group will keep on checking on JUUL Labs’ worldwide strategies and rehearses and will accept fitting activities as the organization attempts to battle underage use and safeguard the memorable chance to progress grown-up smokers off of burnable cigarettes as was commented by Juul representative Austin Finan said in an announcement.

The change comes as Juul faces mounting case and investigation over a flood in high schooler vaping. Prior this month, the Food and Drug Administration gave a prohibition on most leafy foods seasoned nicotine vaping items with an end goal to control a flood in teenager use.

It’s obscure whether youngsters will stop vaping or attempt different items. General wellbeing specialists have since quite a while ago upheld restricting flavours that most intrigue to youngsters, yet some dread that children could wind up changing to menthol once the fruity flavours are altogether gone.

An organization representative affirmed a prior report from The Logic entry, which said here Juul Labs Canada will briefly quit delivering natural product seasoned vaping units.

Existing supplies of the seasoned units won’t be pulled from store retires and could be reintroduced under the direction of the Canadian wellbeing controller, the report said.

Canadian wellbeing controllers have been thinking about stricter guidelines on the e-cigarette industry in the midst of developing feelings of trepidation encompassing vaping’s security and mounting proof that young vaping is on the ascent both among individuals who once smoked and the individuals who had not.

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