Kaspersky pulls a pause button on Europe’s Cybercrime project

Kaspersky Lab, leading firm in the field of Computer security, has put a stop to all the associations regarding cyber crime with companies and bodies from Europe. This step has been taken to express disapproval against a motion passed by the parliament of Europe, which has termed the software from the company as malicious.

This incidence is taking place right after the United States and United Kingdom got rid of Kaspersky products from several government machines. Kaspersky Lab has stated that this blame is completely not true and is reflective of clear absence of respect.

The parliament of Europe, on Wednesday, accepted a motion regarding cyber-security, which is aimed at fighting the new kind of fears the firms are facing from the world of hacking. The plan also includes an analysis of the programs and hardware being used in its           different organizations and departments in order to highlight potentially harmful software as well as machines. The motion also asks the systems to put prohibition on the hardware and software, which have been agreed upon to be malicious and lists Kaspersky Lab as a firm of this kind.

The founder of the company, Eugene Kaspersky, has stated that this remark is wrong and added that this move by the parliament of Europe is calling for cybercrime. He also stated that his company didn’t have any option, but to go for a clearly defined action. As a part of this, cooperation with cyber-crime combating movements from Europe as well as Europol will be stopped till the company receives an official clarification from the parliament of Europe. Besides all these, Kaspersky has halted work on No More Ransom project, intended to assist the people conned by ransomware, in recovering their personal data.

Kaspersky Lab has highlighted that, previously, the commission had stated that there was no sign of association of danger with Kaspersky.

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