Mars Colonizing Spaceship Takes Shape In Florida

Much like SpaceX’s interplanetary vessel, Starship, a prototype spaceship is currently being built in the Cocoa facility, Florida. The former holds a capacity for 100 passengers, promising to carry both humans and cargo into space, to the moon and Mars. The spaceship when finished will be 180 feet tall and 30 feet wide. Elon Musk, the CEO and Founder of SpaceX announced this venture only last month when the vessel was nothing more than a ginormous ring of steel, which has now started to resemble a spaceship. As declared earlier by SpaceX, they will build one prototype each in Florida and Texas, much progress has been made in the South Texas facility where their Starhopper is taking shape rapidly.

They can only imagine that this sort of friendly competition within the company will improve and hasten the whole process. Musk tweeted that both the facilities are to build many spaceships and that this competition is merely to check the efficiency of both sites. He further added on Twitter that any and all insights that either of them has, they share with the other facility, which may or may not be put to use by the other.

After the spaceship was spotted by several observers as it towered above the ground-level, Musk again tweeted that Starship resembles the Grasshopper rocket which had preceded the Falcon 9 series. Unlike Starhopper, Starship is still in the testing phase, whereas the former has already gained some travel experience. The company thinks that after finished, Starship will be running on three Raptop engines, as opposed to Starhopper, which uses only one. Starship will fly on top of Super Heavy, which requires 31 Raptor engines, and they will together be nearly 400 feet high. All said and done, Starship is the next major installment in SpaceX’s range of larger rockets.

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