Microsoft Unveils Fresh Windows 10 Light Theme

Microsoft is aiming to roll out a fresh light theme for Windows 10 with the upcoming huge update. The software behemoth revealed the theme this week in a latest test build for Windows 10, and it seems similar to a new take on the white theme that is present in the OS. Microsoft is fundamentally offering this white theme all over the system, permitting all of the UI to materialize as white. To compliment the fresh light theme, Microsoft is also changing the default Windows 10 wallpaper so it better matches the latest theme.

Microsoft Unveils Fresh Windows 10 Light Theme

This fresh light theme will first come in the upcoming huge update to Windows 10, likely to arrive in April 2019. Dubbed as 19H1, it also comprises updates to the printing app, enhancements to the new snipping tool, and Windows Update intelligent hours so it does not randomly restart your machine.

On a related note, Microsoft earlier claimed that is rolling out the refurbished edition of Outlook (its personal information manager) to Web & Windows users with simplified ribbon (toolbars present on the top of the window), enhanced search options, and options to personalize & control inboxes.

The refurbished edition of Outlook has provisions of suggested replies, finding files faster in the inbox, smart-room suggestion to assist consumers find the most excellent rooms for meetings based on availability, time, & preferences, and simplified event creation option. This was claimed by Gabriel Valdez who works in the marketing & tech team for Outlook to the media in an interview.

In addition to this, the Outlook revamp also integrates easier methods to the “add-in” experience that conveys the consumer’s most employed apps into the inbox for quicker multitasking. This includes converting emails on the go, directly saving an email to notebook, or paying instantly.

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