Mother’s Day Special: Trend Of Digital Moms In 2019

Of course, different aspects of the digital loom are more important than others in the daily routines of mothers and their use varies, even if most “digital mothers” are in some way other. Linking the lady with emotions and responsibility isn’t enough, as multitasking is their key USP.

Trend Of Digital Moms

Trends you cannot miss

More than 95% of all American mothers use the internet and spend about three and a half hours a day. For many, this is their main source of entertainment and their first source of information. Video streaming has a large audience among mothers and the Internet of Things (IoT) technology is starting to gain ground.

Smartphone savvy mom

Smartphone savvy mom

About nine out of ten mothers use a smartphone. It is now the most important medium for online communication for many mothers and their vital link to the outside world. It has also turned out to be the most imperative means of accessing social media.

Moms do their own research

The ease of digital shopping has led to strong demand from mothers as well as opportunities to close good deals. Over women in general, many mothers prefer to shop online, not in the store. Even when they go shopping, mothers do digital research first. Smartphone is the nucleus of finding good deals for moms. Online reviews and references on social media influence the buying decisions of some mothers, but many mothers are unsympathetic to such recommendation as well as advertisements.

Almost 90% of American mothers are users of social networks. Of these, nine out of ten use Facebook. But mothers have also diversified beyond the initial triptych of Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter, many of which now use Snapchat and Instagram. Social is especially vital for new parents as a source of counseling and information and as a platform to keep the family informed and updated.

So the first lady of your house, with no doubts needs to extra attention on this Mother’s Day, she already created it for her.

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