NASA’s InSight Lander Offers Mars Weather Service For The Public

In the morning after getting ready if you want to know what to wear according to the weather then you probably just tap your phone screen to show up a local weather report. If humans ever succeed to colonize on the red planet then the visitors will get an advantage significantly from a service that offers weather forecasts for Mars.

Recently, NASA’s InSight lander has landed on Mars and since its arrival; it has fixed a bunch of neat tools. These tools will be used to observe the interior of Mars. The primary moto of the mission is to transmit data on the inner workings of the red planet but the robot is also armed with sensors that let it create its own Martian weather reports. NASA has created a full-fledged Mars Weather page, as a part of the Mars InSight web hub. This page has all the information including wind speeds and direction, high and low temperatures and air pressure. NASA uses the data received from the robot’s seismometer to account for potential deviations in the evaluations. This seismometer is gathering data closely for things happening deep under the surface of Mars.

The planet’s weather reports are an added advantage to the mission. It’s interesting that now you can see a full rundown of change in temperature and local climate every day. The red planet is an extremely cold place. The most recent weather reading taken on February 17th reports a high of 2 degrees Fahrenheit and a very chilled low of -138 degrees. The weather reports that the average wind speeds were around 12 miles per hour with breezes up to 38 mph. The website also presents the weather changes through handy graphs. These graphs thus allow us to see the weather variations of the red planet on an everyday basis.

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