New Feature Of Snapchat To Allow Users Remove Chat Messages

Snapchat, the photo-messaging app, is supposedly launching out a new function dubbed as “clear chats.” This will permit consumers to delete texts from group chat and personal threads. The new feature is targeted at making users more comfortable with conveying sensitive data over the app. This might also check cases of blackmails and revenge porn where hackers or others threat reveal personal pictures and abusive conversations, the media reported this week.

“Hold down on an image, text, memory, video, audio note, or sticker in a group or one-on-one chat, you will see a button to delete it. Click it and the app will try to delete the message, however, this will not always work if the recipient does not have an updated version of the app or internet connection,” the report claimed. This function might boost the usage of the application after it hit its slowest development rate ever in the previous quarter due to the worldwide criticized redesign of Snapchat. Snapchat is supposedly operating to lunch the “clear chats” function all over the world over the upcoming few weeks.

On a related note, Continental (the German car parts supplier) earlier claimed that it was barring the employment of Snapchat and WhatsApp on work-related mobile handsets immediately due to concerns related to data protection. The firm claimed that such social media applications had “deficiencies” that made it hard to obey with tough fresh EU data protection rules, particularly their persistence on having the authorization to contact list of the user.

“Continental is banning its workers from employing social media applications such as Snapchat and WhatsApp in its worldwide company network, with immediate effect,” the company claimed to the media in an interview. Almost 36,000 workers might be impacted by the decision, a spokesman of Continental claimed to the media. The firm has more than 240,000 workers all over the world.

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