New Website Launched By Apple For Showing Vibrancy Of Its App Store

Apple’s app store was labeled uncompetitive by many companies like Spotify and politicians like Elizabeth Warren. The company had some uncompetitive activities going on in its app store. Now, Apple came up with a website claiming their app store to be competitive and vibrant.

App store platform of the iPhones was accused for favoring its own apps over other apps. This was a limitation for iPhone users due to the lack of diverse apps. The company recently lost to Supreme Court in the matter of uncompetitive practices taking place on the app store platform. Apple now has displayed the apps that give tough competition to its own built in software and other services.

App developers are involved in making tools that regulate device addiction and family screen time raised their doubt about Apple for targeting their apps and removing them from the app store as they gave tough competition to Apple’s Screen Time application. This entire episode called for EU antitrust complaint stemming. Apple defended itself by accusing developers for misusing Apple software, meant for a different use. Thus, they were removed for privacy and security reasons. Apple further adds that the developers are given necessary instructions to make improvements in their apps, so that the apps can be accepted on the App store.

The developers are also complaining about the fees charged on the transactions that occur through the store. To this, Apple said that they are just collecting their commission whenever a good or service transaction takes place. Per week, 40% of the apps are rejected due to software bugs and safety issues. Apple’s review process is entirely dependent on human review inputs.

This page is posted just a week before Apple’s annual conference which will be taking place on June 3 at San Jose. Apple claims that last year, developers had earned $120 billion on the store platform.

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