Online Tools & Software That’ll Boost Your Business and Generate Leads

Like any good business person, you are always looking for ways that you can improve business and grow your sales. Whether you are a seasoned online business or are taking your first steps into the world of e-commerce the good news is that there are plenty of tools disposable to you. Here are some software and digital tools that you can use to start bringing in more leads and increase sales.

Cloud Call Center

Customer service is vital to maintaining your brand’s image. Businesses with solid customer relationship management (CRM) are far more likely to provide an exceptional customer experience. Good customer experience is important if terms like “brand loyalty” and “lifetime customers” mean anything to you and your business. Many businesses use call centers, data centers, or a help desk filled with support teams to reach their customer experience goals. Yet oftentimes these companies still receive subpar customer satisfaction ratings. Why? Because they aren’t fitting their sales teams and CRM teams with the right tools.

Online Tools & Software

cloud call center solution helps businesses evade many of the common problems they face with CRM. If a customer is being passed around from agent to agent and being told the same information multiple times then the overall customer experience is going to go down. Cloud contact centers solve that issue with automation. They use artificial intelligence and interactive voice response to help ease the path for a customer seeking information. Their intuitive interface blends all the moving parts of a CRM center into a single platform which stops the customer from feeling passed around. They also provide analytics and data which help you make smarter decisions based on customer satisfaction and agent performance.

Email Lookup Tools

You have probably heard of the email lookup tool as a great way to generate leads. If not, this might be just the tip you need to help boost your sales. An email address lookup tool accesses public records to help you find the email provider of a potential lead. This is a great tool if you are missing crucial contact information.

Online Tools & Software

Let’s say you find a potentially amazing lead from your Linkedin connections or word of mouth but are missing their Gmail. All you have to do is type that person’s name into the search box. The advanced features of the tool will reverse search by that person’s last and first name to deliver you the information you need to make contact. Lookup tools are useful in many ways beyond email. You can search phone numbers, perform background checks, and even find unclaimed money.

PPC Advertisement

If you haven’t started using Pay Per Click Advertising with programs like Google Ads (registered trademark of Google) or other PPC programs like it, then you really should consider it. One of the best things about PPC ads, when compared to other forms of online advertising, is that starting an advertisement campaign is free, you only pay for the ads that real people have clicked on. This is one of the easiest ways to find potential customers that are already interested in your services.

Google or whatever PPC company you decide to work with will place your advertisement in front of searchers that have already looked for similar items or services. This means that you aren’t wasting your time showing your ads to hundreds of people that will not or cannot use your business. You are able to focus on the specific target audiences that will be excited to work with you.

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