Paytm Provides Cash Back On Nokia, Motorola, And Oppo Handsets

If you are aiming to purchase a handset, this might be the correct time since Paytm Mall is providing huge discounts on various handset brands. Here are the best discounts on different handset firms:


Nokia handsets are being sold on Paytm Mall with an utmost discount of almost 21% and an 18% of cash back. Both cash backs and discounts are valid on Nokia smartphones all over price segments. The 2017’s flagship, Nokia 8, is being sold at a discount of 21% dropping its cost to Rs 31,500. Besides this, consumers get Rs 5,670 as cash back on the handset, making the effectual cost Rs 25,830.


The offers on Motorola smartphones go to almost 35% off. This discount is valid on 32 GB variant of Moto G5S. Apart from the discount, there is Rs 1,758 cash back on the handset, making its effectual cost Rs 8,007. The utmost cash back of Rs 4,264 is valid on the 64 GB variant of Moto X4. The smartphone can be bought at a concluding price of Rs 19,426.


Oppo handsets are also obtainable on Paytm Mall with a 5% of flat cash back. The utmost discount of 25% is valid on 32 GB variant of Oppo A57, making its effectual price Rs 11,990. Apart from this, the handset is valid for a cash back of Rs 1,199. Post the cash back, the cost of the smartphone drops down to Rs 10,791.

On a similar note, in order to increase its profits, Paytm (which was employing QR codes to increase up offline digital payments) is now starting card payments at vendor locations too. This decision will increase the offline sales of the company. The company’s idea is to provide users with all types of digital payments, as per the sources having knowledge of the development.

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