Pick Up Truck Of Tesla To Have Dual Motor AWD And Powerful Torque

Last year, Tesla CEO Elon Musk affirmed that after model Y, this vehicle will be Tesla’s next vehicle. Musk also unveiled some details about the truck and is looking for suggestions in development.

At the inauguration of the Tesla Semi, which grew to reveal the upcoming Roadster, Musk also released the first image of an electric Tesla pickup, although some people still consider it as a joke.

He claimed it was a smaller version of the Tesla Semi and “a pick-up truck that can actually commute a pick-up vehicle”.

Although it sounded like a joke, Musk had already indicated his intention to use Tesla Semi to develop a Tesla pick-up truck.

The plans for the truck were vague, but Musk has been mentioning five years ago about its intention to venture into trucks.

Musk confirmed that the “Tesla truck will have a twin four-wheel-drive engine with crazy torque and a suspension that dynamically adapts to the load.”

The CEO has been talking about this dynamic suspension for a while. Musk said, “The twin-engine drive will be standard, such as the Model S and Model X, along with the dynamic suspension.”

It also looks like the truck will be quite large or at least large enough to have a separate system to allow people to enter. Not surprisingly, the vehicle will also be integrated with the Tesla autopilot.

There is no clear timeline for the launch of the Tesla pick-up truck, but it looks like Tesla’s priority is after the Y model, which will be unveiled next year and will go into production by 2020.

Earlier this week, Musk has been in trends owing to the lawsuit filed against a former employee over some allegations such as data breaching and making false claims about the company.

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