Ranchers Push Govt To Pass Law To Ban “Meat” Label On Lab, Plant Based Meat

Farmers and Industry group, Ranchers, are attempting to slow down the impetus of famous products such as Impossible Burger through defense of the definition of “meat”. Animal products lobby is on the move to persuade the legislators of the state to make it very clear that food gained from animal products should only be allowed to use the label “meat” on them. It is yet to be seen if the attempts of defining meat at state level succeeds or ceasing the sale of other alternatives that are plant based finally wins. Another proposal is there which has not yet been made by anyone, which is to make it a criminal offence to sell meat grown in labs and it would also restrict state funds from using it as their research experiments in Washington DC.

Impossible Foods, Beyond Meats and other popular startups have come up with proper replacements for both plant based and lab grown meat. And all those have gained lot of fame. With this popularity, they can easily get substituted for the real thing and are even found at fast food hubs and local supermarkets. The valuation of this new meat industry has been estimated to go as high up to $7.5 billion by 2025 around the world.

At present, cattle ranchers and the others of the same kind are trying hard to be in the business before they are entirely wiped out. Legislators of about 15 states have already executed laws to restrict these startups from labeling their substitute products as “meat”. Meat producers are right now quite afraid much like the daily industry that tried hard and failed to name soy and almond drinks from taking up the word “milk”. CEO and founder of Beyond Meat said in defense that it would be really helpful for them if people can understand what “meat” is supposed to mean.

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