Russia Firms Up Its Nooze Of National Net—Report

Concerned with internet privacy and security, Russia has formulated a law in which the government regulators have full control over the data and information which is shared on the internet. It also includes that the regulators will have direct control to see what is shared or posted by the individuals in case the security of the country is being threatened.

However, it has given rise to widespread movement as a protest to stop the law from being passed in the country. The government has marked 1 November as a deadline for the firms to comply with the new law.

Russian government sees it as a beginning of a plan for long run in which they don’t want to rely on foreign sources or network to send any particular data to its destination. Also, the authorities want the lesser controlled traffic to stay within the cyber boundaries of the country which is sent between the citizens. To help this framework, new net address books are being developed by the country for their own and they will come into effect after 2021.

The government has said that this law is a necessity to safeguard the country form the threats of many countries due to politics and elections. An analysis published suggested that this law has a major role in setting up the system of mass censorship which has the potential to wipe out the controversial debates and it has already being operated in China. Thus, it can be concluded that the Russians want to overlook all the data which is being regulated in the country and especially the one which is being sent out.

The Putin government has also passed a law which bans the disrespect for the country against the offenders who are openly criticizing the government laws. Also, they could end in up jail for 15days against their blatant protests.

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