Russia’s Space Official Jokes About The Proposed Mission Verifying US’ Moon Landing

The Russia’s proposed mission towards the moon may apparently have a task that will verify the US’s landing on moon, a top most space official of Russia joked Saturday. The Roscosmos space Head, Dmitry Rogozin responded against a question during an event saying whether NASA has actually reached on moon about 50 years before when he passed this remark, reported by Associated Press. Roscosmos has set the goal to fly towards moon and verify about the landing of US’s astronauts on the moon, said Rogozin in the video posted on Twitter this Saturday. The Head of agency appeared joking, shrugging and smirking while answering to these questions. But such conspiracies related to the missions of NASA are very common for Russia.

Russia’s Space Official Jokes About The Proposed Mission Verifying US’ Moon Landing

The lunar program was abandoned by Soviet Union in mid 1970s when four experimental rockets were exploded. The former spokesman of Investigation Committee for Russia called out investigation into moon landings by NASA during the year 2015. Vladimir Markin wrote at that time as this investigation will help them to reveal some new insights about the landings from 1969 to 1972. During translation of this writing by Moscow Times, Martin said that international probe can explain the loss of moon’s landing film footage done during 1969 as well as the lunar rock samples brought on Earth by NASA.

He said that Russia is not questioning whether they reached on the moon & made a video film, but all such scientific should be presented in front of the world, and its disappearance without any trace is the common loss of world. Thus, the investigation will help reveal what has happened actually, wrote in Moscow Times. The official has told that the video tapes were used again and again to save their wealth and the goal behind that footage was only live broadcast.

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