Scientists Develop Robotic Shorts To Improve Endurance When Running

A lightweight exosuit was recently developed by scientists that revolutionized walking and running. This suit could be used by people who respond to emergencies like rescue workers and firefighters. It is made with textile substance that attaches itself to the thigh and waist of the user.

A researcher, Donald Ingber, who works in the Biological Engineering department of the Harvard University, said that this was a major breakthrough that gives us a picture of how the future of wearable robotics would look like. This would be helpful to both the injured as well as the healthy people.

This suit is programmed with an algorithm that can recognize if the person is running or walking and adjusts accordingly. This is the first time such a machine has been put to use. Researchers believe that the exosuit would help the elderly people who have disorders neurodegenerative in nature which restricts their mobility. Another lead in the Wyss institute, Professor Walsh said that the device performed properly during an uphill climb and during a test where different alternative speeds were being used to test the machines versatility.

In a test that was conducted indoors, the metabolic reduction capacity of the suit was tested during various scenarios where a person was asked to run and walk. It was noticed that the suit successfully reduced the metabolic rates if the person using it by 9.3 percent in case of walking and 4 percent in case of running. Researchers said that the reductions seen in the metabolic rates were fairly modest; studies have indicated that it seems possible to make this suit a part of our daily lives. The wearing usage of such robotic suits that adjust according to the mobility needs of the consumer could be increased and could be incorporated in our day to day life.

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