Terminator 6 Releases Its Promotional Image

Terminator 6 releases a promotional photo where Linda Hamilton is seen as Sarah Connor. Mackenzie Davis of Tully fame and Natalia Reyes will be seen alongside Hamilton. Davis’s body is covered in marks which signify that she might be a futuristic android which is the nucleus of the franchise. Arnold Schwarzenegger is also a part of Tim Miller’s untitled November 2019 release. Davis and Reyes portray the roles of Grace and Dani Ramos respectively.

61-year-old Hamilton appeared both in the original Terminator and its first sequel, first as a young woman whose life is in danger as she’s being chased by a cyborg who goes back in time to murder her and then as a strong gun-toting warrior trying to save her son from another such robot. The Terminator films have all been directed by male directors and have had strong female characters.

The first film was released in 1984 and had James Cameron as its director. Schwarzenegger played the implacable android and Connor the woman who the cyborg has been sent to kill as her future son will grow up to destroy the computer network that’ll rule over the world. Kyle Reese was also seen in the movie as Michael Biehn who eventually became the father of Connor’s unborn child. Dialogues like “I’ll be back” and “Come with me if you want to live!” have become memorable.

Terminator 2: Judgement Day had a much bigger budget and box-office collection. It even won an Oscar for its jaw-dropping visual effects and a new catchphrase “Hasta la vista, baby” came into being.2003 saw the release of Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. Kristanna Loken played the role of the antagonist and Schwarzenegger the benevolent Terminator who had supposedly died at the end of Terminator 2. Terminator Salvation bombed at the box-office in spite of having a strong cast, namely Christian Bale, late Anton Yelcin and Sam Worthington. Terminator Genisys came out in 2015 with its original characters, John and Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese. Emilia Clarke, Jai Courtney, Jason Clarke and Matt Smith appeared in the movie apart from Schwarzenegger himself. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles was a TV series that ran between 2008 and 2009 and lasted two seasons. Future GoT star Lena Headey and Thomas Dekker portrayed Sarah and John respectively.

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